Functional & Indulgent
~ All Day Long ~

In Unscented

Like a refreshing glass of ice cold water for your lips, with just a touch of sweetness.

Unscented and Unflavored, but deliciously nourishing.

& Blueberry French Toast

This delicious Lip Treatment seals in moisture for deep hydration with the mouthwatering scents of Maple syrup, Wild Maine, Blueberries, Cinnamon, Butter and Caramelized Vanilla

A scrumptious nod to our Maine roots, and the first, we hope, of many delicious New England flavors.

Formulated to: Hydrate, Soothe, Repair and Protect

Developed by Bioengineers who understand

"My eczema was really bad not only around my eyes and face, but also on and around my lips, so I knew from experience that there weren’t products that addressed this painful problem. There was a serious need for lip products designed to be safe and effective for this delicate area that everyone can use - we knew we had to introduce a lip treatment"

- Amber, Co-founder, Bioengineer and Real Person




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Lexi Newton
The BEST lip produce I’ve owned

I love this stuff, my friends always steal it haha! Better than summer Fridays


smells great feels great!

Lip treatment

It’s the bomb!

Alison A.
Love this lip balm!

The smell is yummy and this is some of the best balm I’ve used. It immediately combats dry lips and my lips have never been so soft.

Gloss So Good

I'm a consumer of all three Marin products (both lip treatments and the cream) and they're all incredible. I will not shut up about this company and have told everyone I know about them. Usually I hear back from them when they tell me, "oh my god, you were right, this product is amazing." The lip treatment is so glossy, the applicator is a dream, it smells unreal delicious. I didn't have chapped lips even ONCE all winter which is saying something because I'm outside in the cold and snow all the time. The freedom that comes with this level of hydrated skin is worth every penny!

Sarah Hossain
Good stuff

I purchased the blueberry lip balm immediately after seeing someone post about the flavor on tiktok. I love that this brand is sticking to their New England roots with the flavor and branding. I'm from Texas but went to college in New England so finding this brand has provided some comfort and nostalgia for me. :)

In terms of scent - the scent is amazing if you love gourmand. It smells similar to the blueberry maple pancakes candle at bath and body works.

In terms of texture - I see it being compared a lot to the summer fridays balms. The component is very similar, but the balm itself is a bit more runny. It feels more thin on the lips than the summer fridays balm. It feels more similar to the rhode lip peptide balms.

In terms of finish/appearance on the lips - it's nice and shiny with a slight lip oil-look. I can get away with not wearing much of the product and still get a nice glossy look. I don't have naturally chapped or dehydrated lips so I can't speak much on its' ability to treat those issues but I can say that it doesn't dry my lips out at all like some artificially fragranced balms do.

Overall, I love this product. I love that it has a unique flavor compared to all of the vanillas on the market. I hope and bet that they're already working on an apple scent. I would love a complex, fall apple scent with cinnamon and cream just like a cider donut. I can't wait for more.

To the brand, consider an early-release for email subscribers :)

Paula Franks

I have not yet received my order. Can't figure out, should have been Here by now. Please let me know.


The blueberry french toast DELIVERS! I do not understand how the maple, vanilla AND blueberry! gets through, but every moment of wearing this is heavenly. Even more than the scent (which is giving me life), the softness and buttery feeling on my lips since I've started using this is unparalleled. After trying my first tube, I immediately bought two more because the thought of not having one in each of the main spots (home, work, car) was too much to bear. Thank you for making this product!! And where do I subscribe for immediate notification of future flavors?

alice l.
It works!

I have both the lip gloss and the tube/cream. I think the lip gloss is the best I've ever used and I've used a lot. The cream works too but it's a bit expensive for me as I have eczema everywhere. I use it primarily on my eyes and around my facial area, places I don't want to use a steroid. Right now my faces is pretty clear. Oh, and I also have peri-oral dermatitis and it seems to help that too!

The best lip balm!

This lip balm is perfect for an overnight mask. It doesn’t make me break out around my mouth, my lips feel hydrated for all of the following day! I have both the unscented and the blueberry French toast - both worth every penny!

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