Maine, 2017 - the beginning

It started with our own eczema

Nothing was working

We were just looking for something that actually helped. When it comes to eczema, psoriasis, or overall dry, upset, damaged skin - drugstore creams didn't cut it, steroid creams burned, and we were sick of buying new products constantly only to stash them away in a drawer when they didn't work.


We tried product after product looking for something that helped our skin and wasn’t full of harsh steroids or irritating ingredients, and actually felt good to use.


If you’re here, you know it's a stressful, up-and-down journey to find something that actually helps. First of all, please know that you are not alone.
2017 - summer

A very unlikely, very 'Maine' connection

While in graduate school at UMaine for Biomedical Engineering, we met Dr. Bob Bayer, a lobster scientist researching a glycoprotein found in lobster that allows lobster to fight off disease, heal wounds and even regenerate limbs.


He discovered in the same way the glycoprotein helps lobster regenerate limbs, it could actually help repair the skin barrier.


After trying everything and seeing some in vitro data from the lab, we said 'what the heck' and decided to try a glycoprotein-rich formula on Amber's skin. After patch-testing to make sure it was safe and non-irritating, she began using the prototype cream on her entire body, face and eyelids.
2017 - late summer

The Results Changed Everything.

With low expectations (everything else had let us down!), within a few days of using the glycoprotein-rich formula, the dry, rough, flaky patches were clearing up.


Within two weeks, it was all fading away... The itching, the redness, the sleepless nights...


Within a month is was like it never happened!! This changed EVERYTHING. We knew we had stumbled upon something that would change peoples' lives.
We had to share this with others.

Originally planning to complete our Biomedical Engineering Master's and get our PhD's, we never wanted to start a skincare brand or become entrepreneurs...


But we had to.


It was too impactful not to share with other people like Amber.

2019 - 2020 - Building

So, we began to create Marin

As were finishing grad school, we wrote grants, won pitch competitions, and taught ourselves everything from website design to cosmetic manufacturing to packaging regulatory laws, protein purification and writing our own patents. We built every element of Marin from the ground up.


After finding a chemist with 50+ years experience developing and launching disruptive new products and formulas, we spent months meticulously iterating on a perfect formula that deeply hydrated, wasn't greasy, left the skin dewy and soft, and contained no known skin irritants. Oh, what a process it was...


After almost a year of formulation work, we were ready to manufacture our first batch of products, but needed to build our own supply chain for the lobster glycoproteins...

2020 - planet-friendly collaboration

Creating a New, Upcycling Supply Chain

fall - 2020

Finally, the Soothing Hydration Cream was Born

Meticulously developed to as the gentle-while-effective, glycoprotein-rich product we *wish* we had during all of those years struggling with eczema, we were finally able to launch the Soothing Hydration Cream.


We began to share it with the world.
winter - 2020

Selling out & changing lives (the first of many times)

Word spread quickly, after national news coverage and viral Marin videos, the reviews began to roll in.


People with all types of dry, damaged and upset skin conditions, from skin prone to eczema & psoriasis, to random dry, itchy rashes, to 'beat up' working hands and even aging skin, were using the cream.


IT WAS HAPPENING!! We were actually changing peoples' lives. People of every age, every skin color, all across the country with hundreds & thousands of requests to go international.


We began to seriously lay the groundwork to scale Marin to become a nationally recognized brand.

Gratitude & Scaling Up

As testimonials climbed from dozens to hundreds to thousands, we were overcome with gratitude & fulfillment to be changing lives in the same way Amber's was changed. This is what we had set out to do.


Believing in ourselves and our vision, we began to lay the groundwork to seriously scale Marin and execute on our vision to become the go-to, nationally-recognized brand providing natural relief for dry, damaged & upset skin.


We grew too quickly to keep up with, moved Marin out of our home and into our first office and warehouse, brought on new teammates and advisors, and bolstered all aspects of our supply chain to ensure we could continue to grow rapidly.

2023 - rebrand

Going Big, Back to the Roots

As we matured and learned, we realized how much people actually cared about us upcycling glycoproteins, how rich the story behind the lobster industry and Maine is, and felt called to honor that in the way our brand comes to life in the world.


It was time for a change - a new beginning to embrace who we are and what we're doing... To visually construct the Marin Universe, deeply connect back to our Why, and visual brand identity as we begin introducing new products to live up to these visions.

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