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Introducing Marine Glycoproteins

The new superpowered Marine ingredient

We're Bioengineers that worked with lobster scientists, researching a glycoprotein that allows lobsters to regenerate limbs - in the same way they do this, they help repair the skin barrier!

After trying everything to clear our own eczema, we experimented with a homemade glycoprotein-rich formula... The results changed everything.

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Loved by real people

  • Ashlie, Mom

    "My daughter was diagnosed with severe psoriasis at age 3. She tried countless creams and ointments, and had to go on biologics, but she still has break through spots. We were gifted a bottle of Marin from a friend, and it has helped these break through spots and my daughter now says, “Can I put on my lobster cream now?!”

  • Sara, Flyfisher-woman

    "This lotion has given me real results for my Maine skin. It calms red dry blotches from the cold, controls the oil and gives my face an overall smooth hydrated feeling all day without that acne causing greasy feeling. And?! I feel confident again to do what I love without makeup."

  • Kathy & Patrick, Marine Biologists

    "We love to see companies find creative ways to use an ocean resource that would otherwise get discarded. Rather than contributing to the total take of lobsters, Marin collaborates with Maine's lobstering industry to source their product from lobsters already caught and destined for the dinner table. This community cooperation and 100% utilization of the marine resources we do extract is exactly what we like to see as marine scientists."

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A natural, upcycled byproduct

Glycoproteins are a natural byproduct of lobster processing - they go right down the drain!

We partnered with Luke's Lobster to sustainably & ethically collect them.

Finally, as Bioengineers we do a *little* chemistry, turning what would otherwise be wasted into a powerful, natural skincare ingredient.

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Born from struggling with our eczema

"Our Marine Glycoproteins were the only thing that worked for me. After years of suffering with dry, irritated skin we made it our mission to bring this relief to others."

- Amber, Co-founder, Bioengineer & Real Person

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