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Love it!

Surprised by how amazing this cream is

I was recently in Maine on vacation and saw Marin inside the LL Bean flagship store in Freeport. I was curious because I had never heard of “marine glycoproteins” before but was curious about this ingredient. I read up on them and their use in skincare product. I found that studies HAD been done on the use of glycoproteins in skincare and they conclude there are promising applications. So I decided to order some of the unscented version of their hydrating skin cream since I needed a new moisturizer for my face anyways.

The texture is thick, almost like a cake frosting but not at all greasy. Despite the thickness, it feels lightweight as I’m applying it, and it absorbs evenly and quickly without leaving an oily finish. It is honestly the only cream I have used that has kept my face feeling hydrated all day, all without feeling like I’ve put anything on. A bonus—my somewhat sensitive skin has had no adverse reactions to it.

I’ve signed up for their subscription so I won’t have to worry about going without.

Soothing Hydration Cream
Jessica Luttrell
Instant Relief from my Brown Tail Moth Rash

So so so glad I had this previously purchased when I started developing a rash from the brown tail moth here in Maine. It went from wanting to itchy my skin off to huh I no longer itch?!
Definitely a must for any and all skin conditions.

My friend who has eczema swears by this product. When you were out of stock, She was willing to drive 45 minutes each way to get my Marin lotion tube. Thankfully she didn’t need to because you were back in stock quickly.

Thank you!!

I’ll use this forever

This feels amazing on and sits very well under makeup or by itself. I have extremely sensitive skin (POD, acne, allergies, etc.) and I have had absolutely no issues!!! No smell, which I LOVE, and it’s actually at a decent price point. I cannot believe I bought the weird lobster face cream off IG and it is actually a legit all-star product…. Who knew! I’m definitely going to keep this stocked. Side note- I live somewhere VERY dry and this is perfect. Not heavy or greasy but definitely moisturizing.

Love it. Sometimes it comes out of the applicator a little too fast.

Absolutely love this. Saw someone review it on TikTok and had to try. It smells absolutely amazing, and is so moisturizing. Would definitely buy another, and I would absolutely buy more if they made more flavors/scents!

Just what I needed.

I have been having problems with eczema for about 3 years. My daughter started having problems recently too. She travels to Maine a couple of times a year and she heard about your product. She ordered some and then sent me a tube for mother's day. It's amazing! It hasn't totally eliminated my problem but it is MUCH better. I love it!

This lip treatment is amazing! It seems like it’s really thick, but soaks right into your lips and gives you the softest lips you’ve ever had! Incredible! Pleasant surprised! I bought the unscented! Highly recommend!

This cream is amazing! I have used it daily for a few weeks and can’t believe I finally found a cream that actually works on the atopic dermatitis I have on my fingers, knuckles & elbows! No scent, no greasiness once cream soaks into skin. The cost is a little more than I normally pay but totally worth it! Time to buy some more!

Love This

Dry lips be gone! Great product. Highly recommend.

Amazing! A real help

Marin has helped my son’s skin where nothing else did!

Lip Treatment
Marin Nelson
very hydrating, lasts all day, 10/0

Marin is my name so I thought it was so cool to find a small business that sells an amazing product that smells so good!! im telling everyone abt marin skincare so if you’re questioning to buy it or not, definitely try it out. The smell is so good, but i feel like it’s definitely a personal preference. If you don’t like strong scents, I would start off with unscented one and then get more. I love it but it can be overwhelming at times. Don’t get me wrong I love it, but some may not love a strong scent on their lips all day. I love love love it and will 100% be buying again!!

Lip Treatment
Hiatt P.
Like Aquaphor but better!

I bought the unscented and blueberry french toast lip treatments and immediately recommended to all of my friends! The unscented is my favorite to use before bed, and the blueberry french toast is a fun treat throughout the day. They don’t leave my lips desperate for more lip balm but they feel genuinely hydrated after. 10/10!

Lip Treatment
Marin lip treatment

I love this lip treatment it’s amazing!!! I’m obsessed w the smell and love how long it stays on my lips. Highly recommend!

Lip Treatment
Samantha Mathis

Literally smells sooo good, amazing product and stays on for so long!!


I’ve tried everything for super itchy rashes along my sides including steroid creams, anti-itch, castor oil, all natural remedies, etc. This is the ONLY thing that worked after 3 years of being so frustrated…and ITCHY! Immediate relief from itching and after 3 days of using my “Lobster Lotion” these rashes are GONE. I’ve also used on any area that feels dry as a deep moisturizer and also made razor burn vanish! I ordered another plus the lip balm right away. BUY IT

Really soothing lotion

I was at the end of an eczema flare up when I saw an ad for this product. So glad I tried it! It is such a soothing & easily absorbed lotion. My skin feels really hydrated & soft after using it. I generally only have mild eczema but I’m glad I now have this on my shelf.

Lip Treatment
Brooke Farrell
Works great!

Bought it on a Saturday at a store and my lips were all chewed up and cut from me biting them, by Monday morning my lips were basically fully healed, it works great! It’s a lip gloss but acts as a chapstick and the blueberry French toast (the one I got) the flavor isn’t obnoxiously strong it’s actually perfect, by far the best chapstick/lip gloss I’ve used in my life, might be 20 bucks but 100% worth it in my eyes

Amazing for flare ups

I have really bad eczema that loves to attack my lips and this is genuinely the BEST product I’ve ever had for when they are extremely cracked and flared. I just purchased the blueberry scent because I love the original so much!

It works and smells delicious!

It’s such an excellent product! Such innovation. Now I never use anything else on my face after washing.

i need it in other scents!!

this is the best lip balm, I've tried, the only thing I wish was other scents. I love the blueberry one and I need others in my collection.

Lip Treatment
Ashley Rice
It really works!

I love the application and packaging of this lip balm. Upon application, the lip balm smells soooo good, you get a pretty shine, and is not tacky. Over time, my lips got noticeably softer and the texture evened out (guilty lip biter here). I will definitely be repurchasing this product and highly recommend it to anyone thinking about trying it!

Absolutely wonderful product. It does all the things it claims!

Lip Treatment

Love this product. It doesn't dry out my lips, so I don't have to repeatedly apply it.