NECN - Maine Startup Hopes People Shell Out for Its Lobster-Based Skin Cream

Lobster, that quintessentially New England seafood staple, is the key ingredient in recipes for a new Maine skin care company.



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Marin is the creation of Patrick Breeding and Amber Boutiette, a couple both in business and for the past seven years in life, who met at the University of Maine at Orono.

Biomedical engineers with graduate degrees, Breeding and Boutiette have been experimenting with a protein found throughout lobsters’ bodies that they’ve incorporated with lotion-making materials to make a skin moisturizer.

Their first lotion went on sale on Oct. 5 on their online shop, after months of research, looking at scientific literature and a very personal experiment.

Friday is National Lobster Day and, wouldn't you know it? Maine is celebrating!
“You get to a point where you’re desperate enough to try anything to get some relief,” said Boutiette, who suffered from eczema and had it all over her upper body, face and eyelids.

“One day we formulated [the lobster protein] into a cream and put it on my face and two weeks later my skin was completely clear,” she explained.

Eventually, after input and assistance from cosmetic industry chemists and professionals, the pair settled on a formula for Marin and began working on a plan for their business.

They’ve found a workspace at the New England Ocean Cluster, a collaborative of businesses and organizations focused on the ocean and the “blue economy” in Portland.

Boutiette and Breeding have also found a reliable source for lobster glycoprotein. Luke’s Lobster, the seafood company with a processing facility in Saco, Maine, is allowing Marin to extract the protein using a special process between the time the lobsters are stunned at the plant and the time they are processed for consumption.

“We have a vacuum system to take it out,” said Boutiette, adding that the lobsters “couldn’t even feel it” and if they weren’t going to be eaten they could be thrown back in the water and survive.

“This ingredient that we’re taking is completely going to waste,” Breeding said.

A new study from a Maine laboratory has found that microplastics in the sea can impact the growth of lobsters.
As for their near and long-term plans, Breed and Boutiette say they’re committed to making Marin a success.

Originally, they weren’t sure how attached they would be to their startup, but after seeing their initial success getting a product to launch and receiving feedback, the pair says they’d like to see Marin through and someday make it “a national skincare brand.”

“Since we’ve launched, we’ve definitely seen our sales climbing, were definitely growing,” Boutiette said.

“We love getting hand-written notes from people, we love actually doing the work,” Breeding said.

“We originally thought we’d scale and exit but now we’ll have to see,” he added.

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By Dustin Wlodkowski • Published November 16, 2020 • Updated on November 16, 2020 at 7:33 pm

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Based on 1124 reviews

On my 4th order

Game changer!

Marin's cream has superpowers of healing and counteracts my dry and sore hands as a result of no thyroid, eczema and a nasty habit of over-manicured cuticles. The cream addresses the redness and promotes skin healing. I have seen results overnight, which blew me away. I'm in the Marin fan club and just ordered my fourth tube. Give it a go!

Really love this - especially for problem elbows and feet.

my husband has been using your cream on his psoriasis with really promising results!

Awesome moisturizer!!!

I waited until I finished an entire tube (and ordered 2 more) to write a review. This lotion is light and non greasy. I’m 64 and an avid gardener and hiker. Though I’m using the lotion all over (including my face) it has worked heavenly on my dry overworked hands and feet. I apply morning and night. The results are clearly smoother, softer skin. My callused feet are loving this stuff. I’ll be back for more lotion and I’m definitely recommending it to family and friends.

Great people, great customer relations, great product

As the title reads, these guys are top notch. And their product is the best I've tried, even better than medicated products from other companies.

So far so good!

Seems to be working well.

Incredible results in a short time!

I wish I had taken before and after pictures so I could show the results I got from using 1/2 of my first time of Marin cream. The front of both of my legs were always covered in a rash. I scratched them so much over the years I had indentations in the front of both legs. After applying Marin within the first month I could see the rash was disappearing. Now there is no sign of it at all after a few months. I can’t believe it worked so well!!! Thank you for creating this wonderful product!!

Marin… from a retiree

I really like the stuff !

Excelllent product

This product does precisely what it says it will do… it calms angry skin and hydrates dry skin. I’ve got my daughters using it too!

Soothing Hydration Cream
Nancy McSweeney

Thought I had allergies. Skin broke out, puffed and scaled. After lots of allergy medicine, I used Marin. Miracle! Cleared up with in 2 days. Think it must be exema (spelling). Had to wait 6 weeks to see an allergist. Bringing my tube of Marin as a testament. LOVE it!

Nothing Else Worked this Well

I've got some pretty dry rough patches on my shoulders and back that have all but disappeared. I've tried all manners of Gold Bond, Nivea, Cetaphil, CereVe, Aquaphor, etc. Nothing else has worked, and this cleared it up in a day after two applications. Cannot recommend enough!

Life Saver

I have suffered with exema for 3 years now. I had a patch on the back of my head that just would not clear up. I had started using just hydrocortisone cream, then was prescribed numerous steroid treatments to no avail. I had really just given up hope and thought that I would just live with it on the back of my neck forever. A co-worker had a tube of Marin on her desk and I tried it, honestly I wasn’t very optimistic about it, I thought for sure it wouldn’t do a thing. But WOW! This product has literally saved my life. I used the product 2 times a day for 4 days and the difference was incredible. My neck is no longer itching, flaking, or inflamed. I will continue to use the product until it clears completely up, and I will recommend it to anyone I know who has suffered with exema like I have!


I just ordered more of your exquisite product. It really works on my troubled hands, feet and face. The cream makes my skin smooth and healthy. Couldn’t be more happy. Thank you!

Soothing Hydration Cream
Elizabeth Coombs
Love it.

I was skeptical after trying so many remedies and nothing met their claims. This really works and is not greasy or perfumed.

Amazing eczema relief

My Stepson have very bad eczema and it was painful just looking at the state of his skin. He had a flare up, used the Marin and told me it was amazing. He was so relieved that it worked so fast to heal his condition. We will continue to purchase this cream.

Soothing Hydration Cream
Tiffany Whitehouse

My daughter has had eczema on her face for a few years, this is clearing it up better than ANYTHING I’ve tried! She also has some thought bumps on her arms and legs that I’m finally trying to tackle with this cream.

Soothing Hydration Cream

Two thumbs up!

Great product that really works!


I love this product. I’ve had a skin outbreak every winter for the last few years. I was diagnosed with seborrhea by my dermatologist and given some prescription creams to try. Nothing helped it - and in fact made it worse. Then I saw an episode of Chronicle on TV that showcased Marin products made with lobster shells. I tried it and it worked!! This sounds like one of those advertisements that are totally untrue, but this really worked for me! I am so thrilled and thankful!!!

Awesome skin repair!

I can’t say enough about this amazing product. It’s made an amazing difference on my skin. I had an injury and immediately put it to use. I have excellent results after just a few days. I’m so glad I discovered this product!

Happy camper

I purchased a bottle after a high recommendation from a friend. I have eczema, and the day my bottle arrived my hands were so bad they just plain hurt. I put some Marin on them and they instantly felt way better. Unfortunately I broke out in a terrible rash and stopped using it for a while. I went back to using it slowly with no issue (guess it was something I ate) and have been happy with it since. I just purchased my second bottle. I am a happy camper!

Highly Recommend

My daughter has skin that scars easily and after one bottle her scars are lighter! I wish it came in a bigger bottle, but we love the product. I have not tried it personally as I have a shellfish allergy, but am curious to test it to see if I would react.

Highly recommend!

I bought it for my boyfriend who had an unknown skin irritation and Marin cleared it up in three days! I recommend it to a friend who’s young son has terrible eczema and within a few days the improvement was amazing!! She and I both highly recommend your product!! I also use it on my fur babies irritated skin, all around great product!!!

Helps with Multiple skin concerns

We are on our 2nd bottle and continue to see results. My 7 year old gets little white bumps on his arms and cheeks. I've tried many lotions and Marin is the first lotion where I've seen a reduction of the bumps. They haven't gone completely away but it is helping. I also use it on my cracked heels and after one application I see a difference. I personally think there is a slight shrimp smell to the lotion but my son says he doesn't smell anything, so maybe it's in my head!

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