NECN - Maine Startup Hopes People Shell Out for Its Lobster-Based Skin Cream

Lobster, that quintessentially New England seafood staple, is the key ingredient in recipes for a new Maine skin care company.



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Marin is the creation of Patrick Breeding and Amber Boutiette, a couple both in business and for the past seven years in life, who met at the University of Maine at Orono.

Biomedical engineers with graduate degrees, Breeding and Boutiette have been experimenting with a protein found throughout lobsters’ bodies that they’ve incorporated with lotion-making materials to make a skin moisturizer.

Their first lotion went on sale on Oct. 5 on their online shop, after months of research, looking at scientific literature and a very personal experiment.

Friday is National Lobster Day and, wouldn't you know it? Maine is celebrating!
“You get to a point where you’re desperate enough to try anything to get some relief,” said Boutiette, who suffered from eczema and had it all over her upper body, face and eyelids.

“One day we formulated [the lobster protein] into a cream and put it on my face and two weeks later my skin was completely clear,” she explained.

Eventually, after input and assistance from cosmetic industry chemists and professionals, the pair settled on a formula for Marin and began working on a plan for their business.

They’ve found a workspace at the New England Ocean Cluster, a collaborative of businesses and organizations focused on the ocean and the “blue economy” in Portland.

Boutiette and Breeding have also found a reliable source for lobster glycoprotein. Luke’s Lobster, the seafood company with a processing facility in Saco, Maine, is allowing Marin to extract the protein using a special process between the time the lobsters are stunned at the plant and the time they are processed for consumption.

“We have a vacuum system to take it out,” said Boutiette, adding that the lobsters “couldn’t even feel it” and if they weren’t going to be eaten they could be thrown back in the water and survive.

“This ingredient that we’re taking is completely going to waste,” Breeding said.

A new study from a Maine laboratory has found that microplastics in the sea can impact the growth of lobsters.
As for their near and long-term plans, Breed and Boutiette say they’re committed to making Marin a success.

Originally, they weren’t sure how attached they would be to their startup, but after seeing their initial success getting a product to launch and receiving feedback, the pair says they’d like to see Marin through and someday make it “a national skincare brand.”

“Since we’ve launched, we’ve definitely seen our sales climbing, were definitely growing,” Boutiette said.

“We love getting hand-written notes from people, we love actually doing the work,” Breeding said.

“We originally thought we’d scale and exit but now we’ll have to see,” he added.

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By Dustin Wlodkowski • Published November 16, 2020 • Updated on November 16, 2020 at 7:33 pm

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Based on 938 reviews
Soothing Hydration Cream
Martha Townsend

I have not tried ghe product because I bought it for a Christmas gift!

Awesome cream

Quite by accident I found Marin skincare and I’m so glad I did. I read the background of how and why it was developed. I liked what I read and saw, took a chance, rest is history. It’s everything that was said. Love supporting small businesses!

Mari::So far so good!

Have Bloody pimple breakouts from Lyme (for which I take herbs). The Marin cream resolves this skin issue (closes the skin breach) much faster than others I have tried and its not greasy. As a former Biology/Chemistry major, I appreciate that nature has provided many beneficial compounds for health and healing--Ed Goodwin Canton, MA

works great healing rosacea

I have mild rosacea and this is the first natural product that has worked in healing and erasing the red spots left behind. No more prescriptions for me. Thanks for such a great product.

Love it!

Helped my very dry skina lot! Non greasy! I really like this!

Love this cream!

With the older weather coming, so do chapped hands. This hand cream does not disappoint. Just a pea size works on both hands and feels great while rubbing in. Wait just a couple of minutes and you are good to go. I bought one for myself and one as a gift- the recipient will love it!

Going to be a Xmas gift

Really looking forward to giving it as a gift; my daughter suffers from terrible eczema in the winter months. Your results look so promising! Full review to come.

My skin is actually healing

This is hands down THE BEST hydration delivery cream by far. My feet, hands, elbows, face are all different in just one week. There is a slight funky scent but DONT CHANGE A THING. I almost don’t want to share how good it is because I don’t want these guys to sell to a larger company or change a single thing. Medicinal, healing, my absolute favorite

Great product

I’ve been struggling with lingering skin issues stemming from a bad staph infection. After a few days of using this product I noticed a significant improvement.

Customer service

Awesome customer service. Haven’t used the lotion yet since it’s a stocking stuffer. 🤞it’s as good as it claims.

So far, great!

I was very intrigued by this product when I read about it and all of the research that went into making this. I also read many of the reviews and their experiences and I decided to give it a try. I highly recommend you do the same! I do have some eczema that pops up on my arms and elbows randomly throughout the year and it had gotten pretty bad when I bought this. After the first time I applied it, it was significantly improved, almost gone. After the second time/application, it was gone the next day. I’ve also been using this on my face and I’ve noticed that many of the dark spots/hyperpigmentation has started to fade. You can’t go wrong!


I bought the cream as a Christmas present for a loved one who suffers from psoriatic arthritis. I hope it will give him some relief.

Soothing Hydration Cream
Valerie McGonigle
Great product

I recently saw a segment on Chronicle about your product so i ordered some. I like to shop local and support small business when i can. I don't have any skin problems but it's winter so a good moisturizer is a must.. I like this product very much!! I wouldn't say it's totally fragrant free when first applied but the scent does dissipate. It reminds me of summer days on the beach. Happy times!!
i will definitely buy this again. Valerie McGonigle

So far so good

I really like the texture and thickness of this lotion. It isn't greasey and it makes my skin feel wonderful. I'm interested to see if it helps with my rosacea and eczema (when it flares up next) and I will report back.

Using it on pre cancerous peeling spots on face and it has calmed them down.

Got it for my sons eczema . Hope it works well

Will let you know after xmas

First time user

My wife and I tried the cream for a couple of days now and really like it. We will be ordering more.

Good quality good product

I have not been using it long enough but it seems that it will be good. The only thing that I really dont love is the lobster smell, but it also corroborates that it is the real thing.

Soothing Hydration Cream
Kathy McGonigle

I have had eczema since I was a kid. To the point that I have a scare on my arm. I’ve tried all kinds of OTC and RX medication only for temporary relief. It’s only been a week and so far Marin is working!
It does have an odd odor to it and I would suggest a mild fragrance could be added.

Soothing Hydration Cream
Kathleen Pelton

Even though I have small areas to cover, it’s such a relief to find something easy to obtain. It provides quick relief from the burning and itch. Thank you for Marin! My fingers love it! My face loves it,Every spot loves it!

Soothing Hydration Cream
Catherine McDougall

I've had psoriasis since high school. I'm 68 now and i have tried everything to control it. After a week using this incredible product I see signs that this is working. I will continue to use this for the rest of my life..Thank you.

New Marin User

I’ve only had Marin for a couple of weeks, but I really like it so far. It cleared a rash under my chin in just a couple days.


Perfect product

Soothing Hydration Cream
Marc Chadbourne
hands, dry & cracking

I have dry, cracking skin on my hands to the point they can bleed when active working and playing sports. This Marin hand cream has cleared my hands of all dryness and cracking. Amazing!

Soothing Hydration Cream
Betsy Broughton
Relief from psoriasis

I received my Marin cream just before Thanksgiving. My psoriasis is mainly on my hands and feet. My hands take quite a beating with all the cleaning, dishes, water and dish soap leaving stripped, sore skin. I put it on before bed and my hands literally are 90% healed this morning. I'm not usually this impressed by any product. This is a very pleasant surprise.