What are Glycoproteins?

Glycoproteins are large proteins surrounded by sugars - hence “glyco” (sugar) and protein. Our Marine Glycoproteins are naturally abundant, regenerative proteins found in lobster, which are highly involved in their ability to fight off disease, heal wounds and regenerate limbs.


Found in the lobsters circulatory fluid, they are natural byproducts of lobster processing, going right down the drain! These oxygen transporting, copper-based glycoproteins are surrounded by sugar groups, making them incredibly water-soluble/water-attracting, and surprisingly multi-faceted for skin barrier nourishment, soothing and repairing.

The Discovery

Marine Glycoproteins were discovered on the Coast of Maine by Dr. Bob Bayer, who was researching uses for lobster processing byproducts. With a scarce but intriguing amount of literature supporting the use of similar proteins in skincare, he created the first DIY glycoprotein-rich cream and quickly began to discover the multi-faceted benefits.


Marin Founders Amber and Patrick worked with Dr. Bob, performing in-vitro lab work and experimenting with versions of the cream, eventually leading to clear Amber’s eczema - the discovery from which Marin was born.
The Science

How Glycoproteins Work

As Bioengineers, it was important for us to create a widely accessible, clinically-backed ingredient for the good of all.


After discovering glycoproteins using them for our own skin (n=1), we self-funded (sorry big pharma) the In Vitro + In Vivo work to launch the next barrier-repairing super-ingredient.


On the Cellular level (in vitro), it turns out Glycoproteins are excellent at:

~ Increasing Dermal and Epidermal Barrier Health & Repair

~ Stimulating Fibroblast Proliferation

~ Increasing Natural Hyaluronic Acid Production

~ Stimulating Collagen Synthesis

~ Increasing Overall Skin Cell Viability

Derm-Tested & Clinically Proven

Clinical Studies

Following our in vitro work, we partnered with industry-leading 3rd party labs and Dermatologists to investigate the efficacy of our Marine Glycoprotein-rich Soothing Hydration Cream for Atopic Dermatitis.


The quantitative and qualitative data was astounding!


Now, Marine Glycoproteins have become an ideal, clinically-proven ingredient (and lifesaver) for eczema-prone, sensitive skin - offering multi-faceted benefits from hydrating, soothing, softening and repairing the barrier, without causing irritation.

Our Recommendation!

How to Use Glycoproteins

For us and tens of thousands of others, glycoproteins have become a staple for skin hydration, soothing irritation, maintaining barrier health and helping repair a damaged, compromised barrier.

What's really important to us

For Sensitive, Eczema-Prone Skin

As eczema-sufferers ourselves, it was incredibly important to introduce an ingredient that was as effective as it was gentle - safe for sensitive skin.


So, we performed a 6-week clinical safety study comprising 50-participants that self-described as having sensitive skin, using the cream on a daily basis. Over the 6-week period, no signs of irritation were observed, and our Glycoprotein-rich Soothing Hydration Cream passed the 'Sensitive Skin Panel' with flying colors!


In addition to passing this clinical test, we formulated the cream to be free from steroids, fragrances, parabens, formaldehyde-releasing agents, and any known skin irritant, to ensure that the cream would be safe for use on the most sensitive of skin (all ages!).
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