WABI - Marin Skincare | Maine skincare company receives grant for developing skin cream using compound found in lobsters.

Marin Skincare won $14,000 through a pitch competition called Buoy Maine. Marin uses a compound found in lobster to develop their skin cream.

Marin Skincare WABI News Eczema Grant

PORTLAND, Maine (WABI) - A Maine skincare company was recently awarded a grant for developing a skin cream using a compound found in lobsters.

Marin Skincare won $14,000 through a pitch competition called Buoy Maine.

The competition was a part of the University of Maine’s Maine Sea Grant program.

The program fosters innovation and entrepreneurship to support Maine’s working waterfront and coastal communities.

Patrick Breeding and Amber Boutiette, who started Marin Skincare, use marine glycoproteins found in lobsters, as a key ingredient for their product that helps people with eczema, psoriasis and dry skin.”.

The couple says the grant will allow them to continue resourcing the compound.

”It’s going to allow us, and it has allowed us to have some funds to work with the lobster processors to get things off the ground. It’s also going to help us invest in inventory ahead of time. The more we can invest in inventory, the more we can essentially get ahead and accelerate our growth, which is critical. This grant is going to be super helpful in doing both of those things,” said Patrick Breeding, who co-founded Marin Skincare.

Marin Skincare works with Luke’s Lobster in Portland to resource the glycoprotein.

Breeding says the grant will also help in the companies efforts to develop more skincare products in the future.

You can only order Marin skin cream through the couple’s website, marinskincare.com

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