Maine skincare startup using lobster glycoprotein launches first product for eczema, dermatitis, dry skin

Marin Skincare Eczema Cream

For Immediate Release – October 12, 2020
Media Contact: Patrick Breeding,

Portland, Maine - Two recent University of Maine biomedical engineering graduates, Amber Boutiette and Patrick Breeding, launched Marin Skincare, a skincare startup using a glycoprotein found in lobster as the key ingredient in products for people with eczema, dermatitis, or generally dry, aggravated skin.

The idea for the company and the product was inspired by a very personal need: Amber had struggled for years to find a solution for her own eczema. While working towards his degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Maine, Patrick was involved in finding new biotech applications for sustainable marine resources. Working with some of Maine’s most experienced marine resource industry experts, he discovered the surprising properties of glycoproteins found in lobster for use on the skin. These naturally abundant glycoproteins help repair and protect the lobster outer barrier and inner tissue from physical and environmental stressors, while playing a critical role in balancing the internal health of the lobster. When applied to our skin, they help protect the skin’s barrier, while locking-in hydration and minimizing skin moisture loss, which happens when skin is damaged from issues such as eczema.

From that initial discovery, it was a short entrepreneurial leap to begin the work of developing a skincare product that would calm Amber’s eczema flare-ups.

“It was amazing to discover this new ingredient, it’s sustainably-sourced and naturally active. Our third ¬party lab studies demonstrated this product is safe and non-irritating, a critical feature for people with sensitive, temperamental skin,” said Breeding.

The team paired up with industry renowned skincare chemists and manufacturers to develop their first product, spending months to perfect the formula to ensure it not only worked, but felt soothing going onto skin. After perfecting the formula, the pair needed to find a sustainable source of lobster glycoprotein. Patrick had heard of Luke’s Lobster and gave Luke Holden, its Founder and CEO, a call. Immediately, Luke and Patrick were collaborating to develop a method of sustainably and ethically collecting the glycoprotein.

“We were more than happy to work with Marin Skincare on developing this product,” said Luke Holden, CEO & Founder of Luke’s Lobster. “This type of collaboration fits right into our mission to use every part of the lobster, which has an array of sustainable uses, and remarkable properties, in addition to being delicious to eat.”

After developing a new supply chain for the glycoprotein, completing product testing and manufacturing, they were able to launch their first product this past week. Termed ‘Soothing Hydration Cream’, the cream blends their marine glycoproteins with skin hydrating and protecting ingredients (including hyaluronic acid, squalane, shea butter, coconut oil and Vitamin E) and is now available on their website

“I’ve gone through countless steroid creams that only made my skin angrier, and we’ve finally found a way to keep it at bay. After years of suffering with dry, irritated skin, we made it our mission to bring this relief to others”, said Boutiette.

The team is excited to continue to release products to help address dry, aggravated skin. You can follow the company on Instagram at @MarinSkincareUS and on Facebook at @Marin Skincare.

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  • Hello…Does it help with impatigo ?

    Michael Nostradamus
  • My husband purchased this product weeks ago and sees no improvement and no advice. Do you have a guarantee? It’s not working for him and it’s very greasy.

  • I love this product. I have psoriasis, my skin plaques were thick, white and very scaly. Within a week or so the thick patches were smooth and no flakes. I’ve been using Marin about 5 months and I am so impressed. Just got my 3rd tube today. I am totally sold on this skin cream. Thank you for inventing it!

  • I love this product. I have psoriasis, my skin plaques were thick, white and very scaly. Within a week or so the thick patches were smooth and no flakes. I’ve been using Marin about 5 months and I am so impressed. Just got my 3rd tube today. I am totally sold on this skin cream. Thank you for inventing it!

    Cheryl Strickland
  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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Based on 1027 reviews
Good feedback on gift

One of my best friends has psoriasis as well as a very finicky rash-prone dermis. I read about Marin in the paper, and was intrigued by this Maine-based company. (Go Black Bears!) Anyway, I gave her a tube of Marin for Xmas and got a very happy text 2 days later. She reports that a very stubborn outbreak (since July!) was already clearing up! So cool! Thanks Marin!

Soothing Hydration Cream
Crystal Lucchesi

My husband has had trouble with thinning skin on his shins. He has been using your cream for a couple of months and swears by it. He uses it twice a day and it has made a tremendous improvement! He is also a woodworker and it has helped his hands this winter, no more drying and cracking.

I really like it a lot….has to be the first winter my fingers have not split…

Week one

I was fighting dry patches on my eyes and ear similar to the photos you have one site. I’m just one week, my skin is clear! Fingers crossed 🤞 it will stay that way with continued use. Who would have guessed lobsters were good for your skin!

Soothing Hydration Cream
Jamie Fernandes


Soothing Hydration Cream

So sorry but it is too soon to tell !


Still too soon to comment. Bought this for my daughter who has had terrible eczema on her legs for quite awhile. Will advise later. Thank you!

Five star rating

I just started to use this product a week ago.
I am using it on my face under makeup as it is a protectant from winter weather.
I am also using it on a psoriasis outbreak on my foot that has not responded to two prescription creams that seemed too harsh and created peeling.
The change in site texture was amazing.
I am being diligent in using it twice a day for best results.
Thank you for this product...I plan to order more and to share the news with friends and family!

Soothing Hydration Cream
Veronica Thibeault
Love it

Has really helped tone down the redness on my face.

Miracle cream

I’ve been using this cream for over a year now whenever I get an eczema outbreak or goes away quickly and I’ve recommended it to several friends who have had the same results! It’s odorless absorbs well.. I will ALWAYS have a tube on the ready..I have one that sits in my travel bag as well!

Soothing Hydration Cream
Diane Flamburis
Miracle cream

healed my skin lesions from immune disease


I emailed you a few days ago to say that I am highly allergic to tree nuts (Shea butter) and asked if I could return the product. It is unopened. Could not find the ingredient list on your website.

Soothing Hydration Cream
Lawrence Gaffney
Fantastic cream

I have tried a multitude of creams but this one is beyond very good.
It is smooth in the application process, softens the hand, and is fab

Marin review

I developed sever eczema on my face when I moved into college. I struggled for years to find anything to help me. But then my mom saw Marin on the news and ordered me a bunch. Since then, my skin has been significantly clearer and overall less irritating. Now, I can’t survive without my tube of Marin. This cream has truly made my life significantly more enjoyable as I am no longer constantly in discomfort from my eczema.

Excellent product

Soothing Hydration Cream
Allison McDermott

Soothing Hydration Cream

Neuropathy in feet

Lotion was a Xmas present from a dear friend. I apply it to my feet at night for burning/tingling symptoms due to neuropathy. I have tried a lot of different topicals and this one works the best.

3 Days of Use & Poof, Gone!!

I have had two spots of flaky, dry skin on my arms since the start of the pandemic. The flair ups worsen in the winter and the spots get dramatically bigger in those times. I have tried all kinds of topical creams and nothing seemed to really work. Calm the issue, sure. Solve it, no.
So I figured, what do I have to lose? I ordered my tube of Marin which arrived only a few days later. I started using it right away and could tell just after the first hour that it was working it’s magic. After 3 days of use and my dry, flaky patches are gone. Like GONE. This stuff is a little miracle in a tube. Highly recommend!!

Best product I have purchased

This is a great product , I am a nurse and I wash my hands constantly which makes my hands so dry . I apply Marin skincare at night and my hands are smooth in the morning.Love this product! I have sensitive skin and no reaction with this product. I have tried several other products and they have not worked.

Wow.. just Wow

I’m on my 3rd tube of your product and have bought 2 other tubes as gifts to friends… my skin has Never felt and looked so soft( and I’ve been using high priced skin products through Macys for Years!)… truly a wonderful break though for me in caring for my skin…. My friends are raving too. Thank you!

Great Idea Works Well !

Having Lobstermen in our family & connections to Maine, I was especially
intrigued on hearing of you folks & your product. Good service & good results on
my dry skin. Hope to order more when it becomes available !

So Far, Great!

I suffer from both eczema and psoriasis, particularly on my arms. I have seen several dermatologists, tried prescriptions, topical treatments, everything you could think of with very little success. I saw Marin on the news one night and desperate to try anything, just went for it. I have been using the cream for a few weeks now, every time I get out of the shower, which is usually twice a day. So far as I can tell it is actually helping! I will continue to use, hoping for continued improvement. The only thing I can say is there is a bit of a lobster smell, but that goes away within a few minutes and does not linger. I am pretty excited to have found something that works. Thank you!

Gave as Christmas gifts!

Gifted to our son, daughter-in-law and 2 adult grandsons… they live in the south and joined us in MA this year and have skin made dryer by visiting New England! They found this cream fabulous for their skin…even on their faces … like no other cream ever!!! We saw you on the show Chronicle and ordered immediately and very happy we did!

Marin cream saved my life!

Soothing Hydration Cream
Stephen Chobanian
My own experience

I bought this for my wife for Xmas, I had a rash on both my legs, about 4 inches around in the front of my thighs. I treated it with every you can imagine. Had this for 3 weeks, was going to see my doctor.
I put your skin cream on it and it was better in 24 hrs. After 3 days it’s almost gone.

It works so well I’d like to share this info.