Chronicle WCVB - Marin Skincare | The researchers at the University of Maine Lobster Institute work to keep the lobster industry sustainable and profitable

Despite over 100 years of lobster research, the scientists at the University of Maine Lobster Institute are still cracking into the lives of lobsters.

Marin Skincare Chronicle News Feature Lobster Eczema Skin Lotion Cream

NEEDHAM, Mass. — Since 1987 the University of Maine Lobster Institute has been a center of discovery, innovation, and outreach at the University of Maine. Its mission is to promote, conduct and communicate research focused on the sustainability of the American lobster fishery in the US and Canada. The Institute also provides technical and educational outreach, disseminates research findings in understandable and accessible ways, and convenes conferences and workshops to engage stakeholders in solving challenges faced by this iconic fishery.

Two college students working with some of Maine’s most experienced marine resource industry experts, discovered marine glycoproteins and their incredible use to soothe and calm aggravated, dry skin. Marin Skincare was born from lobster waste product - a lotion to help soothe human skin.

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