Transformational, marine-powered skincare essentials for dry, damaged skin.

Hydrate, soothe and repair dry, damaged, upset skin. Powered by a revolutionary, new, clinically proven skincare ingredient: Marine Glycoproteins.




You’re the Maine Character

See our Soothing Hydration Cream in the wild.


    Soaks deeply into the skin, leaving a gentle but breathable barrier with no greasy after feel.


    Formulated for sensitive, eczema-prine skin. Steroid andirritant-free and enriched withMarine Glycoproteins


    For all ages and skin types andclinically proven for dry,damaged, upset patches onface, hands and body.

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How Glycoproteins Work

Marine Glycoproteins are a natural by product of lobster processing – a naturally abundant, regenerative protein that allows lobster to regenerate limbs, and in the same way, help repair our skin barrier. They function as an all-in-one ingredient for deeply hydrating, quickly soothing and visibly repairing the barrier, by stimulating broblast proliferation and hyaluronic acid production, helping maintain broblast (dermal skin cell) viability, and upregulating collagen synthesis.

In a 4-week 33-participant clinical study investigating of the ecacy of their glycoprotein-based Soothing Hydration Cream in mitigating signs of a topic dermatitis, 78.8% of participants reported experiencing instant relief from symptoms of eczema, 90.9% of participants reported their skin was less itchy, aky, red and dry by week 4, and 97% of participants reported their skin looked and felt signicantly healthier with 4 weeks of daily use.
  • 78.8%

    Experienced Instant Relief From Symptoms bof Eczema*
    *Immediately after rst use
  • 90.9%

    Reported Skin Was Less Itchy, Flaky, Red and Dry*
    *With 4 weeks of daily use
  • 97%

    Reported Skin Looked and Felt Significantly Healthier*
    *With 4 weeks of daily use
An Ocean of Relief!

Sea for yourself! Our customers love the way Marin
Soothes, Hydrates and Repairs the Skin Barrier!

“OMG, this cream is amazing! Thank you somuch!! You guys truly created an amazing product! ”
“Nothing else has worked on my eczema, especially my eyelids. I cannot thank you enough for developing this product!”
"I’m so glad I did! The patch has nearly cleare dup and it’s been less than a month. When I saw it working I immediately"
"My husband has severeitching on his head,nothing has been able torelieve the itching untilthis product. He has beenusing it for a few weeks"

Our Story!

Amber and Patrick met in 2013 on the rest day of Bioengineering undergrad, immediately becoming best friends, lab partners, research buddies, and have been together in business and life for the past 10 years. They both received their B.S. in Bioengineering in 2017 and M.S. in Biomedical Engineering in 2019 from the University of Maine. Despite product use limitations due to eczema, Amber (Chief Product Ocer) has always been a skincare junkie and loves creating the next game-changing products for people like her, and Patrick (Chief Executive Ocer) has always been passionate about building things that change peoples’ quality of life, originating from losing his Dad to cancer in their nal year of college, now translated into helping people struggling with dry, eczema- prone skin starting with Amber.

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